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Management policy

  1. Better "company quality" -Ethical compliance and happy smiles
  2. We promote management with the highest priority on compliance, create systems to properly secure compliance throughout routine businesses, and provide education through repetition. A quality company is a place where people greet each other with smiles. The development of a company depends on good communication, and communication works best with happy perspectives and smiles. Our company is creating happy environments of heart-to-heart communication between people.

  3. Better "management quality" -Higher sales and profit per person by taking on new challenges
  4. Growth in sales or profit per person is a reflection of improved management quality. At Mitsubishi Electric Trading, we understand that we can only survive if we grow. But to grow, we must continue to take on new businesses and cultivate new fields as we move into the future. Our management activities are driven by a spirit of challenge, with no fear of failure or stagnation.

  5. Better "operational quality" -efficiency, speed, accuracy, and fulfillment of promises
  6. We are always searching for new ways to increase customer satisfaction. We enhance our business operations by performing them efficiently, swiftly, and accurately, by keeping our promises, and by advancing our information systems. More importantly, we maintain close communications with our customers and satisfy customer expectations by providing solutions from their viewpoints.

    Our skills in improving these "qualities" depends entirely on how we develop our human resources. People, of course, are our most valuable asset. Every employee is devoted to self discipline, and the company ensures that its policies are consistently fulfilled. On the customer front, we foster people capable of forming good working rapport with customers, in addition to gaining knowledge and learning practical business. In the coming years we will be doing everything we can to endure and grow as a company truly deserving of the trust and loyalty of its customers.