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Mitsubishi Electric Trading Corporation (hereafter referred to as "the Company" or "we", "our", and "us") has paid due attention to the information posted on this website, but shall not be responsible for the following:

  • 1)All information posted is correct, safe, and useful;
  • 2)The posted information is always up to date;
  • 3)Any damage caused by the use of this website;
  • 4)Suspending the server, making changes to information, discontinuing or interrupting the provision of information, without prior notice. In addition, any damages resulting from it.

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Protection of intellectual property rights

Information about products, services and systems provided to you by our website is protected by industrial property right laws, copyright laws and other intellectual property right laws. You may use this information only if it is used for your personal use. Using this information for other purposes (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc.; the same applies hereinafter) shall be subject to the express permission from the Company.

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Conduct of prohibited acts

When using our website, we prohibit you from:

  • 1)Infringing on other customers, third parties' or our industrial property rights, copyrights and other proprietary rights;
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  • 4)Conducting acts that may damage the credit of the Company or its website;
  • 5)Using the website for sales or other commercial purposes;
  • 6)Conducting acts that violate public order and morals such as acts of indecency and profanity;
  • 7)Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or conducting such acts that may do so;
  • 8)Conducting acts that violate or may violate laws or regulations (including export laws and regulations);
  • 9)In addition to the preceding items, conducting acts that violate these Terms of Use and interfere or may interfere with the business of the Company or any third party.

Customer provided information

Except when the Company otherwise asks you through our website to provide your confidential or other proprietary information (including your ideas about your technology, sales, products, etc. Hereinafter referred to as "the Information, Etc."), we are unable to receive the Information, Etc. from you.

In the unlikely event that you provided us with such information without explicitly stating that we are obligated to hold any special confidentiality obligations, please understand that we are not obligated to maintain any confidentiality with respect to such information. In addition, we are not obligated to use or evaluate such information.


The Company shall not be liable to you or any other third party for your use of our website unless otherwise specified in the Terms of Use regarding our other services. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the security of the contents of our website, including the currentness, accuracy, usefulness, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality, and for there being no computer viruses or other hazards included.

We shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of changes to our Terms of Use and the suspension of our website.

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Governing law and court with jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and our website are subject to Japanese law. In addition, these Terms of Use and any disputes relating to our website shall be resolved in a court of exclusive jurisdiction in the Tokyo District Court.