Our company constantly seeks to enhance customer satisfaction based on a trio of core competencies: “Power in procuring and controlling materials” (Procurement & Supply:P), “Know-how in international trading and logistics” (Trading:T), and the “Information system power” (System solutions:S) to enhance them.

More than a mere seller of products, we are growing as an “Outsourcer for international procurement” and “a trading company with a selling function” based on our strengths in P, T, and S.

As we evolve in this direction, our actions are governed by a wish to serve customers as a “human enterprise.” Our services are guided by a trust in “heartfelt communication” and “human interaction” not only with our customers and clients, but with our employees, the most valuable assets of Mitsubishi Electric Trading.

Every day we live by our creed at the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation group-“Changes for the Better.”

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